Nick Vivid releases Nicksploitation! 10/6/2017

MegaPlatinum Records, in association with Cockroach Media, announce the release of Nick Vivid’s new album, Nicksploitation!

“This album is for people who like their pop music sunny and dark at the same time,” says NYC musical artist Nick Vivid. Indeed. Nicksploitation, his new eight-song album, harnesses its strengths through Vivid’s twisted sense of humor and bemusement at the paradoxes of life. “I’m celebrating my personality on this record. I wanted people to get to know me by letting them in on how messed up my thoughts are.”

With songs that range from the funk-synthwave-inspired “Belly Rub” (which is literally about giving puppies belly rubs) to the reactionary 90s hip-hop sound of “Empire State of Mind Part IV,” which proudly champions New York City’s reputation as a place where there’s “a million ways to die,” Nicksploitation runs a gamut of vibes from light sensibility to dire social commentary. But, Vivid cautions, “There’s no message here. I don’t care about politics and I don’t intend to make political records. I just want to cause a booty-shaking epidemic worldwide.”

Nicksploitation is available in all the usual and unusual places on October 6, 2017